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Don't Just Dream, Just Get It Done!

No matter how different we seem to be on the surface, all human beings are linked together with some key primal functions. This means we are all capable of writing our own version of what success, looks like, sounds like and means to us, and then can set out to achieve it. 

We humans often need some convincing to get started, and that’s where I come in. I’m a regular person just like you and so I’m here to deliver some ideas and tips that you can relate to. Here we’re covering all the key areas to success so read up and arm yourself with what you need to simply go and apply. This sounds simple, and it is, so let’s go and turn those dreams into actions and reality!

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About Me

I am a racing driver from Sydney in Australia and through my successes so far I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world and experience the fun it has to offer. I have built my career in racing with a smart mind and a precise touch, and am most recognised for my determination, integrity and finesse. 

Now I am brining this to my blogging platform along with my honed writing skills that I have already put into practice on top motoring websites such as DriveTribe and RACER. Here I’ve expanded to include a variety of topics that will help you to achieve your version of success, whatever it may look like.

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Why Me?


If my story were a book then its underlying themes would be, tenacity, determination and world domination! Through my life both myself and parents have allowed me to try many different activities to find what I liked best. One theme that was always there is that I wanted to be the very best at what I am doing. When playing soccer, playing for Australia at a World Cup was what I wanted, when short track speed skating my goal was to compete at the Winter Olympics. 

Now after a broken leg from speed skating put paid to my olympic aspirations, motorsport has been what lights the fire in my belly. It has also allowed me to have many lifetimes worth of experiences, many of which are things that were completely unexpected. It is this that shapes both who I am and what this platform will offer you.

02. What MAKES ME SMILE when i get up iN THE morning?

Life in general get’s me up and smiling in the morning. Knowing that the end objective is one day closer also really makes me happy. Motorsport has also allowed me to explore writing, which was an unexpected passion of mine that is now being put to great use for you. Putting this part of my brain to use along with both sharing my thoughts and hearing other people’s also gives a great deal of satisfaction.

03. What I Do Different?

I am regular person just like you, which means I can deliver you the expert advice you’re looking for in a way you can relate to. You know what you like, what you don’t and have formed your dreams and your idea of success off this. My aim is to simply arm you with the knowledge you’ll need to go out and get it done. Here I have identified the key areas of focus for success and created this community for you to come to gain the knowledge you need to get it done. The great thing is that we can all grow together, as I am also constantly learning new and exiting things everyday, and I love sharing stuff that I know is going to help you get what you want.

04. What's The most important thing to me?

The most important thing to me is to follow my dreams with integrity, what you see and hear here is exactly what you’ll get if you bumped into me on the street. I’ve found that true happiness in life comes from living it for yourself, and in turn you’ll attract others that are also on a similar path. All my success on the race track, on the radio or on blogging platforms is due to this. 

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