3 Very Simple Steps To Start Exercising

Your fitness journey will take care of itself by answering these 3 simple questions.

How Do I Start My Fitness Journey?

No matter what it is that we do the one question that we always have is…. Where do I start? Many believe that to solve or answer big life questions we must think of something big and complex. In reality the answer to your questions are usually stupidly simple and have been staring you right in the face the whole time. We all can do whatever we put our minds too, and the best part is that you only need to answer three simple questions to unlock what you’re looking for. The questions we all need to answer are WHAT? WHY? HOW?

Your health and fitness journey it is no different to any other and so we can apply this to it. We’re going to go into these questions and how answering them may just be the key to getting you kick started on your successful fitness journey, or to breathe some new life into it. From what I’ve seen when starting out people immediately jump into the very last question without answering the first two, but the first two are really what holds the key and the answers of all your questions about where to start.


The very first question to ask yourself about this is WHAT? WHAT is it that I want to achieve? Do I want to be able to lift a certain amount of weight, achieve a certain running time or simply be able to walk up the stairs without running out of breath. It doesn’t matter what it is at all, so long as it is something that once achieved you will definitely know you’ve achieved it. It needs tone easily measured

If you’re someone who has not done a lot of dedicated fitness or has not been training for a while, then knowing what you want to achieve may still sound a little daunting. That’s ok because you can actually turn this into an experiment and have a bit of fun with it. If you’re struggling to come up with your WHAT then a good place to start could be to try many new fitness activities over the next two weeks. Most people who find true success in fitness will have done something like this more than once in their life. 

In doing this you will then establish a nice database of what you like, and don’t like so that you can then structure your fitness journey around this information. This is also something that elite athletes will do from time to time as it gives them an opportunity to reestablish their interests and choose an objective and pathway to it that works form them.

This WHAT won’t stay the same forever as once you start your journey your eyes are going to be open to a hole new world of ideas and possibilities. If you are currently sitting at home not doing too much then all of this may all seem like a huge mountain to climb. In reality once you get up and start climbing this distance to the top gets smaller and smaller everyday, and recognizing this will only increase your momentum to continue every single day. 

Essentially your WHAT will be your overall objective that you want to achieve in fitness. It’s important that your goal is both realistic but also not to easily achieved. If you’d like some inspiration on how to set fitness goals then I found this really helpful article for you https://www.self.com/story/how-to-set-realistic-fitness-goals.


While the first section deals with the physical part with tangible objectives, the WHY is the emotion that buys you into your journey and is its underlying purpose. Your fitness journey could be part of a bigger picture in creating a better you, but for now we will just focus in on fitness. Think of the why as the middle or the fillings of your sandwich. The fillings of the sandwich are what turns two very ordinary slices of bread into the marvelous creation that we know as a sandwich. No matter who we are, what country we’re from, or how old we are we need to give purpose to our actions in order to stay on track in the direction we want to go.

To truly unlock the potential to this question it needs to come from deep within ourselves and no one else. If we want to completely buy into our journey then it needs to be something that we truly want to achieve. To completely buy into your WHY it also should be devoid of any outside influences and serve you and what drives you. Many live life to please others first, but if we don’t know how to please ourselves then how can we expect to be able to do that for others. 

This way of thinking or this process may be something that you have heard of but have not yet put yourself through. To get your brain kickstarted here’s a few examples of why people want to get out there and kickstart their fitness. Your WHY cold be that you want to extract the most out of life, and fitness is a relatively simple way to learn how you best work so that you can build a framework to apply in other areas. The WHY could also be to minimize stress and fitness is a great tool to relieving this and channeling in your focus on what you want to do. Or as I mentioned above it could be part of a bigger picture of creating the very best version of you, as fitness is one of the key areas in the creation of a successful lifestyle.

This might be the hardest of the three questions to answer but it is definitely the most vital of all the three questions that we are going into today. If you are still a little stuck on this question then here is an awesome article with some case studies on real people and their why in fitness https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness/why-i-exercise.


Now that we have answered the first two questions the HOW becomes so much easier. During the process of creating our what and why we will have put our train of though into the area it needs to be to come up with our HOW much more easily. Your HOW is simple the steps you need to take in order to achieve what you want. If what you want to achieve is to run a marathon, then your HOW will be as simple as implementing a running and diet plan that is geared toward unlocking your potential as an endurance athlete. If you want to be able to walk up the stairs without getting tired, then a HOW for this could be to start taking the stairs instead of the elevator. 

Your chosen area of fitness will most likely have many HOW’s to achieve what you want. If you are just starting out then implementing just one to get you kick started will ensure that you are laying the foundations for sustainable growth that will continually deliver results. Once things start to come more naturally and flow easier then you can introduce these extra HOW’s as a way to introduce variety to your routine. 

We as humans don’t have all the knowledge we need to get the most out of what we’re doing, and acknowledging this will take an incredible weight off of your shoulders. It’s ok to reach out to someone in order to get some help on your way to where you want to go. This is where the use of a personal trainer or an exercise physiologist comes in as they will be able to craft you an incredibly detailed and effective plan on HOW to get what you want. They will also be able to push you into trying new things to expand on your database of what you do and don’t like so that together you can create the ultimate plan on HOW to get what it is you want. 

Now that you’ve worked out how to get started here’s an awesome article with some extra tips on how to unlock even more from your fitness journey https://www.active.com/fitness/articles/5-simple-tips-for-fitness-success.

Go And Get It Done!

Answering these questions will not only set yourself up to go down the path you want, but will also allow you to recognize and reward your progress as you will very clearly know wether or not you are heading in the right direction. By creating your own plan that satisfies what you want you’ll find your journey will so much easier than if you didn’t. Whilst fitness may be physically hard and exerting, the actual planning and process behind it is incredibly simple and boils down to you answering the three questions we have raised above. 

The best part about this is that most people in your gym will not have a plan such as this and so you can go into the gym knowing that you’re the most prepared person there. Now you’ve made your plans all that is left to do is to simply go out there and get it done!

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