Success Begins With Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is also the key to unlocking the success you deserve.

LIFE…. It’s something that we all have in common from the moment we’re born as every single one of us is experiencing it. The exciting thing about it is that everyone will have their own unique experiences and own understanding of what it is, so that gives us over 7 billion unique understandings of life. This technically means that we have more information out there about life than many other topics, yet many can’t seem to comprehend or understand it. As with almost anything, there’s more information out there than we need, and this is a good thing if you know what to do with it. On the flip side, it can also be what bamboozles people about a topic.

We don’t need to be able to completely understand something to find enjoyment and happiness within it. I don’t have an in-depth knowledge or understanding of how farming works, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying food and appreciating everything that goes into farming, along with what it provides us. I don’t have this approach to every single thing though, as there are many topics and parts of my life that I know inside out and back to front. We have to be comfortable accepting that we don’t have the answers to everything and that we don’t need to know the answers to absolutely everything. Doing this allows you to free up all that valuable space in your brain to focus on what makes you happy, and this is a key step on your path to success. Now in doing this you may be asking yourself “what do I do now?”. That’s exactly what we’re going to touch on now.

Finding Your Happy Place

Often we’re taught that success will lead to happiness. Whilst success can bring you a high level of satisfaction it won’t be able to bring you overall happiness. Also, we can’t use anything as a benchmark for our success without first defining what success actually is and means to us. To unlock the full capacity of yourself and achieve the success you deserve first, you must be in your happy place. It sounds simple but it’s often the most simple things in life that will do the most for you. Now, this happy place does not have any kind of blueprint as it is completely subjective, and even the most similar people will have a slight variation on what their happy place is. In describing a happy place I don’t mean a physical location but in fact your overall environment and how you interact with it. When going about your successful life you’ll undoubtedly be asked to perform in varying and difficult situations, but if you are able to put yourself into your happy place no matter what’s going on around you then you’ll always get what you want.

If you already know yourself well and how you work best, then that’s great! It also never hurts to continue trying new things to continue evolving, as anyone at the top of their game does. If you’ve not taken the time to do this for yourself before then you’re going to have a lot of fun trying loads of different things to work out how you can create your own happy environment. To get you started try out a few different things in your physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual areas of life. Then from your findings, you’ll be able to form your very own blueprint of an environment that allows you to do what you need to do, this is your happy place.

Now It’s Time To Put This To Use

The difference between those that get what they want and those that don’t is the fact that they just get out there and get it done. Nothing is ever perfect and if we wait for things to be that way then nothing will ever get done. If you go out there and get it done then those opportunities you hear about that fall into people’s laps will begin to fall into yours. These opportunities aren’t magic but the culmination of like-minded people seeing someone or something that they can work with to both help themselves and the other person to get what they want.

Now you’ve built yourself this awesome blueprint that gets the most out of you, you need to apply it to the things in life that you want to achieve. In constructing your happy place blueprint you may have uncovered some things that you like and want to achieve. If that is the case then that’s awesome, go ahead and start applying yourself to achieve what it is you want. Maybe during this process, you learned a lot about yourself but still want to dig deeper to find an area of focus for you. If that’s the case then use your blueprint to narrow down to some things you think you may enjoy and go try them. For example in the previous step, you may have found that you’re a systematic person who enjoys food. If that’s the case then these are some awesome ingredients for a career as a chef. Now that you’ve found that out you can simply apply your new blueprint to this newfound, or already known passion and become the best damn chef that you can dream of. Yes, it really is that simple.

Success Is Multi-Faceted And Ever-Evolving

Now that you’ve worked out how you best work and an area to apply yourself too, you’ve got to keep revising and building the best version of yourself. I don’t use other people to measure my success or want to be like anyone, but others can be very useful in gathering information. For that reason let’s take a look at Richard Branson, a man who is living his version of success. At 71 many people who followed the “traditional” life blueprint would be retired and not doing too much at all. Branson on the other hand is forging ahead with his Virgin brand continuing to take it into new places.

Why is it that he can continue to find success at this stage of his life? He is continually revising and honing what he does to ensure it remains exactly where he wants it to be, and to ensure that it is feeding what makes him happy. From the outside looking in it may be miles away from where it started, but it is still a brand very much at the forefront of whatever it is doing at that moment. Our interests change over time so it’s important that we revise our blueprint every so often to ensure that we are serving it with exactly what it needs to ensure you are where you need to be to achieve the success you deserve.

Success is also multi-faceted and requires you to apply yourself across a number of different areas. People who are living their version of success will have all areas of their life functioning optimally and feeding what makes them happy. This also allows you to apply your constructed blueprint in a number of different areas giving you multiple options to refine it and make it even better. If you’re new to this way of thinking then starting in just one area is a great place to start, to get into the swing of things. Then as you progress you can apply it everywhere so that all aspects of your life are serving what makes you happy. This is also something that our example Richard Branson does very well and is why you find his Virgin brand in so many different and seemingly unrelated places.

Go Out And Dare To Do It Your Way

Success alone will bring you joy but won’t make your life complete and you truly happy. First to achieve success one must be in a happy place to extract the most out of themselves. We have to be equally happy with the journey as the desired destination as in reality, we’re going to be spending way longer on the journey to where we want to be. When we really break it down, the journey is the destination, and if we’re not happy on the journey then what’s the point.

Now how do I know what I’m talking about? Well, this is the method that I have been applying for many years now and has allowed me to continually get the most out of myself both in life and on the international motorsport scene racing some of the world’s fastest cars. What if I didn’t do this? I wouldn’t have continually achieved success racing cars on the world stage, just like my high school careers advisor told me (yes, a careers advisor told me that racing cars wasn’t a realistic plan).

By constructing your happy place blueprint you’re also taking the steps to break out of the set life path that everyone believes they should follow, and instead are setting your own path. You’re worth so much more than just going to school, getting a job, buying a house, and having kids. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do these things in life but instead, I am challenging you to think outside this specific blueprint that was written by someone else and so many blindly follows. You don’t need to be aiming to make the next billion-dollar company to find success. Really success boils down to allowing yourself to lead a life that feeds what it is that makes you happy.

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