Why Do Successful People Travel?

Whilst those experiencing great success might be doing wildly different things, there are a few common denominators that link them all together. One of them is that most successful people travel. They all do it to varying degrees but generally, they will travel far more than the average person does over the course of their life. The reasons why they do it will vary from work to leisure and everything in between but we can’t deny that there’s a strong connection here. I do realize that correlation is not always causation, but here there’s enough evidence that says traveling is one of the common things that most successful people are doing.

For thousands of years, travel was almost exclusively for some form of business whether it is exploration or trade. Today business remains a top reason for travel but exploration is still something being done every day, just on a personal level. Thanks to past exploration and technology we pretty much know what is in the world and where it all is, but unless you’ve actually been there you’re yet to discover it for yourself. Below we’re going to dive into the different types of travel, why it’s done, and the benefits of removing those barriers many put up to avoid it. Then all you need to do is get out there and get it done so you can move even further along your path to the success you’re looking for.

Why Do It?

Those who are not living their dreams and doing what they want in life may say “Why would I travel? I live in the greatest spot in the world and don’t need to go anywhere”. I’m definitely not doubting that through your eyes you may be living in the absolute best spot in the world. It is in this comfort zone where not a whole lot of growth and/or learning will happen for you and is exactly why those who are living their dreams are also doing it. You’ll have heard it before and I’ll say it again, getting outside and doing things outside your norm is where the greatest amount of learning can occur.

For those getting what they want in life traveling is not about showing off their 5-star resort pics on Instagram, but instead fully experiencing whatever it is that the local area and culture have to offer. Learning how different part of the world function gives a much more in-depth and broader understanding of what is happening in the world. There are so many ancient cultures of the world that have formed what they do over thousands of years and because of this track record could hold some keys to advancing the way we do things today. Also, many of the world’s greatest ideas and inventions can have their ideas and designs traced back to certain types of nature, like how the Japanese bullet train design is inspired by the Kingfisher bird (take a look here https://www.bbc.com/news/av/science-environment-47673287). Without going outside and experiencing something a little different ideas like this may have never come about.

There are also varying reasons why this is done as it could be for both leisure or business. The truly global nature of business in the 21st century means that business travel is incredibly important. FaceTime and Zoom meetings are great for a quick catch-up or meeting, but a true connection can really be made with a face-to-face meeting. Also because of this technology those that are still willing to travel to meet face to face will likely go a lot further than those who settle with the easy Zoom option. Business is almost entirely built on strong connections and relationships and the more that this is achieved the better it can be for the business. 

Time off is just as important as time in the job as this time off can be a great way to both reward progress and recharge the batteries. Having this time to completely switch off could leave space in your brain to also come up with the next great idea! Getting outside your comfort zone in your time off is an awesome way to continually grow whilst also enjoying some downtime. Often what makes us nervous is the fear of the unknown, and traveling to somewhere new can bring this fear to the surface. By facing it time and time again you’ll break down this barrier most put up for themselves and discover a newfound ambition you could have only dreamt of before.

Where Should I Go?

The very simple answer to this question is anywhere! I do realize that round the world trips aren’t in reach for absolutely everyone but if you’re the type that’s building a successful future nothing will get in your way of going somewhere. If your current miles of travel are close to zero just getting out there and getting started with anything is the best way to go. It can even start with something as simple as traveling to the next town or city. For example, if you’re in New York City then you’re spoilt for choice of where to go as you have Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. all within a four-hour drive. Something as simple as a quick car or train trip to any of those places will get your mind into gear and on track to bigger and different things next time.

If you live somewhere a little more sparsely populated then it can double as a challenge for you too. For you just simply making it to the next town may be a challenge in itself and something that requires hundreds of kilometers or more of travel. Even if there’s seemingly nothing to see or do along the way this crazy story of you trekking across the desert or hitchhiking could be what inspires someone else to get out there and just give something a go. Don’t underestimate the power and influence your small actions can have over others to make their lives better.

Another important thing to remember when organizing your next adventure is that unless you’ve been there before never discount a certain destination. Don’t let what others say discourage you from going somewhere, as they most certainly aren’t you and will have a different perspective than you. From what I’ve seen often many people will travel somewhere and hardly leave the hotel, so listening to their thoughts on a certain destination may not be entirely accurate anyway. Once I had the privilege of traveling to Bali in Indonesia, and if I had let what others say about it influence me then I may not have gone. Here I found that what people had said was true if you stayed in a very small touristy part of it and never left. Instead, I got out there and into the culture and found one of the most amazing places I’ve been to.

Perceived Barriers To Travel

People that get out there and get things done can do so by not putting up the barriers that many do. These barriers are entirely self-inflicted and so the good news is that you can also take them down quite easily if that’s something that is getting in your way. For some, it is as simple as starting to stay yes instead of no to things that come up to really throw themselves out there. This was definitely the case for me! As the old saying goes “when there’s a will there’s a way” and so if there’s something you really want, you’ll find a way to get it. 

There are some things that can impact you which aren’t self-inflicted and perceived as barriers, but to those with the right mindset, they definitely aren’t barriers. One of these perceived barriers is the financial barrier. Whilst some dollars and cents are required for large scale around the world type of trips it may not be as much as you think. Usually, in any travel adventure, the accommodation is the most costly part of it and will drive many people away. If you’re willing to look then there are definitely ways around this so you can put your big adventure back on the agenda. The website and app couchsurfing.com is one of the places where you’ll find a solution to this particular issue. For a small fee of around $3USD per month, you have access to the platform and free places to stay for a night or two all over the world. As the name suggests you may just be sleeping on the couch in someone’s home but if that’s what it takes to get out and explore then it definitely beats not traveling at all.

Fortune favors the bold and this next idea is definitely for those who really want to get outside their comfort zone. This idea is something I have not actually done but have seen on YouTube from a guy called Simon Wilson (link to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/c/SimonWilson12). Many buses, trains, and hotels around the world are fairly relaxed environments, and for certain people, this is an awesome opportunity. This means that sneaking onto buses and trains could actually get you a long way. In his videos, Simon just confidently walks onto many a bus and train to get where he needs to go for his crazy challenges such as traveling across the USA with $0. Another trick up his sleeve is using this same confidence to simply walk into a random hotel buffet breakfast to get a free meal. Now I’m not suggesting that we all start going out and doing this, but it just highlights that when there’s a will there’s always a way and that finances may not be the limitation you think they are.

Now Go And Get It Done

Travel helps to open up a new world of possibilities and also allows us to reassess and reset what we think is possible. Staying in the same old bubble for weeks, months, and years on end won’t allow you to learn new things by pushing you into unique and different situations. People that are doing what they want in life are continually learning and growing as people and travel provide the perfect platform for this. Remember that everything you know and like was once something completely unknown and new to you. Rather than consolidate and close off, let’s consolidate what we know and open up our minds to whatever the world has to offer.

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