Easiest Habit To Train Success!

Humans are creatures of habit. so let's make them positive and healthy ones!

When aiming for success in life no matter what it is we do there are a few very simple things that can be done to set yourself up and/or teach good habits for success. One of those things is fitness! By this, I don’t mean that you need to aim to become the next world champion athlete, as with anything it all starts very simply. It is more about training the right mindset than it is to do with the actual activity. The reason why fitness works so well for this is that it is accessible, has easily measured progress, and allows for the practice of critical skills for success in almost anything. The recipe for success is not really that different for different industries, but it can be wildly different depending on the individual. Fitness allows different individuals to try out different systems and processes that work for them, that in turn allows them another opportunity to test out how they best work and can optimise their lives. Below we’re going to look at what fitness can do for you and why it sets you up for success.

Fitness Is Accessible To YOU!

No matter where it is that you live fitness is accessible to you and most importantly… FOR FREE! When we think about fitness many of our minds will go straight to thinking about elite athletes training in a gym, but like many things in life it’s simply not that hard. The United States Department Of Health and Human Services states that people should be getting at least 150 min of moderate activity per week, which is a little over 20 min per day of activity. Even if you think you’re doing zero minutes per week you’re probably not, as things as simple as a brisk walk, bike ride, and even chores such as lawn mowing and heavy yard work count towards this. In an ideal world, you would aim for more than this, but it is an awesome starting point as it’s something most people will be able to find time for and achieve almost immediately. With working from home on the up many of us have all this newfound time on our hands which we can now put towards something that will better our health and well-being. 

The easy option out for most is to just simply use an excuse as to why you can’t do something. The big difference between those that get what they want and those that don’t is that those out there getting what they want in life don’t let anything get in their way. If we remove the barriers that we put and look at the definition above as a starting point we can easily see that your fitness journey does not have to cost you a cent (or pound, or euro, or yen, or whatever you use). Humans are great at overthinking and while this can help out when detailed planning is required, it can also be our biggest downfall when trying to complete something that is quite simple. It may sound stupidly simple but getting fit really can start with simply getting out there for a brisk walk. We are constantly looking for better/more efficient ways to do things so by getting out there you will get this part of your brain ticking. This will then allow you to find an activity that fits your requirements and allows you to achieve your goals.

The reason why I say that fitness is accessible to everyone is that it can be achieved basically anywhere. Unless you have your sights set on being an elite athlete then an expensive gym membership is absolutely not necessary to gain even a high level of fitness. Things such as walking, hiking, running, aerobic core circuits, and yoga can all be done in your neighbourhood or at home absolutely for free. These exercises really don’t have any limits either as you can always run or walk a little further and faster or you can always do an extra few reps or sets to increase the intensity. With these types of exercises, you can actually attain a fairly high level of fitness before you may need to supplement it with some form of weights or more intense activity. If your goal is to simply get moving and attain a reasonable level of fitness then these exercise types will give you the necessary platform to get what you want, completely for free!

Results Are Easily Tracked And Measured

There is no better way to measure progress than by documenting it. The issue we usually have with documenting something is having clear information and data, rather than purely emotional responses to document. The key thing with data is that it can be looked at without much or any context and interpreted to find the answers we are looking for. Fitness is something that is incredibly systematic at its core. Usually, you’re going out there to walk or run either for a certain distance or a certain time, or to do a set amount of reps and/or sets of exercise. This means that out of everything we do in our daily life it is one of the easiest things to collect useful data for, as data points are built into its application. For example, when running you can measure how long it takes to reach a certain point, or in a circuit workout, you can measure how many sets were completed last time versus this time. 

Why this is especially important for success is that it will teach you how to use reference points and in turn allow you to then look for them in your job and daily life. This will then allow you to not only measure but recognise success so you can reward your progress which feeds your brain’s internal rewards mechanism. If you’ve ever done something good and then wanted to go straight back in and do it again, that’s your brain’s internal rewards system kicking in. This as you may have experienced is incredibly powerful and when harnessed in an efficient way can power immense growth for yourself! Not everybody out there is getting the potential that this inbuilt system can potentially deliver you. Fitness, as we uncovered above is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to use and train our brains in this way of thinking that every highly successful person is using.

Utilising this system also allows you to collect an immense amount of data that has been staring you in the face the whole time. This can then also be put to use in your future growth. Goal setting is incredibly important as you need to give your brain both something to aim for, and something that defines when the goal has been achieved. This information is also handy for planning future goals and growth. This is because you have a clear reference for what was achieved and how quickly it was achieved. This will then help youth make new goals both challenging enough but also achievable enough so that your brain’s rewards system is activated in such as way as to make you want to keep coming back for more!

Fitness Success Trains The Mind For Success Elsewhere

I have already touched on the fact that fitness has inbuilt strategies that set you up for success but why don’t we dive a little deeper into it! Human beings are as complex as we are simple. Our minds and bodies are incredibly complex systems that are capable of a great deal. Just the fact that we have language and can communicate with others puts us ahead of pretty much every other animal on earth. At the same time, we are also incredibly simple creatures, and like many animals, we’re creatures of habit. Once we find a way to do things and a system that works we tend to stick to it, sometimes regardless of whether that is productive or not. Our minds are trying to protect us from potential danger which is why we often close up and do the same thing, or something similar every day. It’s comfortable; e and we know that the chances of danger are minimal because it is the way we’ve always done it. Anyone who’s highly successful knows that nothing stays the same forever and as such the way they work constantly changes.

These people are sometimes just as apprehensive about change as you, but what makes them different is how they view it. Change to them, whilst sometimes uncomfortable is an opportunity to learn something about what they’re doing and themselves. Where fitness fits into this is that it offers one of the best opportunities to explore this and learn how you work best. Sometimes something as simple as working out whether you like to count up or down with your gym sets can uncover a great deal about how you work. It also offers you the perfect opportunity to set goals and reward them, allowing you to dig deeper into things that deeply motivate you. Because the way our mind works don’t change depending on the activity it does allow us to then take what does work and apply it to wherever we see fit. Also in fitness, the consequences are very low, if you try something that doesn’t quite work you’re not going to affect your job, business, or your life by trying out something new in a potentially high stakes situation. 

Discipline as you may know is one of the keys to getting what you want. With discipline comes freedom. If you can maintain discipline then you’ll have the freedom to apply yourself to and find success in whatever it is you want. Fitness is no different as the only way to see maximum results is through discipline. No matter what you see on the internet there is no quick way to get fit or lose weight, but like anything else, those that stick with it will see great results. Just like the last point fitness also provides one of the easiest opportunities to practice self-discipline and also strengthen it more than most other tasks/jobs can. This all comes down to its accessibility and its measurable results/growth which means your brain is able to place a high value on it and in turn instill a level of discipline that can actually be achieved fairly easily in comparison to other tasks.

Part Of The Bigger Picture

Even the world’s most successful people have quite basic fitness programs, as for many of them fitness is part of a bigger picture. It’s essentially a place where they get to learn a lot about themselves in a low-stakes environment that they can then take to their high-stakes environment and use. You can’t learn absolutely everything here and sometimes things need to be tried in high-pressure situations too, but participating in fitness allows you to learn some basic information about how you work along with practicing self-discipline. Most importantly a healthy body is another key to the overall picture of success, and those at the very top know this very well. 

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